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Why should I upload photos of others?

Sharing those memories with them will earn you brownie points in their book! I'm sure they'll thank you by adding any photos of you they have. Win - Win!

Can't I just put my old photos on another social media platform to share?

Of course you can... But you might get a weird look from that old acquaintance you added just to tag them in a photo on a platform made to share in the now. We help you not be the class weirdo, old photos are meant to be shared here!

Why will it not tag a name I type in?

Because they are not a member yet! You can only tag members of PicPast. Be sure to share PicPast with them!

Can I upload past photos without people in them?

Yes! Those photos are great to share with City or Place Groups.

Can everyone see the photos I upload?

If uploaded in the "Direct Pics Share" tab they are all private, if you tag a user in a picture, that picture is viewable to them. If uploaded in a private group, only members of that group can see the picture. If uploaded in a public group, anyone can see the picture.

Can I upload a photo that has nudity in it?

No, we prefer not to scar each other with our birthday suits. The memories to be shared are with our clothes on.


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